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A smuggler puts Ahmed in a truck with 15 other refugees. It is a long journey and they are suffocating. On the 7 of April the 7 year-old boy sends a text. They are all rescued.

Refugees, other vulnerable communities and individuals in crisis are increasingly reliant on helplines for support. There are 60 helplines for people struck by addictions, 78 for victims of domestic violence & 11 immigration and asylum helplines in the UK alone.

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Charities Play a Vital Role in Society

Their impact is invaluable, building resilience, providing vital help, information and emotional support. They have powerful brands and solid networks engaged in campaigning and social action.

But the ground is moving beneath their feet. With cuts to public services, they predict a rise in demand, beyond their capacity (1) In addition, their main way of communication is calls but their users have moved on. In the UK, 90% of 16 to 24 year-old exchange texts at least once a day while only 67% make a call. The growth of messaging apps is only going to increase the disparity.

Message Management Platform

HELPtext+ messaging platform - in development - allows the integration of text and multimedia messages, coming from various sources (e.g. text, Facebook Messenger) onto a single interface.

Our mission is to link-up helpers and people in crisis. HELPtext+ will equip helplines with a tool to open emerging communication channels easily and will provide them with the data to manage their resources more effectively, turning new and existing helplines into digital communicators.

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Why SMS is key to provide valuable answers

Why SMS is key to provide valuable answers

The asynchronous nature of messages - as opposed to calls - allows a new service delivery model where accurate prioritising and management of cases increase helpers' ability to scale up their impact.

Our system reduces the cost of the service, by allowing helpers to respond to calls wherever they are, on web or app, with an automated rule or a supervisor allocating cases. This avoids the costs associated with call centres and enables transnational support without the additional expense of long distance calls.

Is Your Helpline Ready?

HLPText+ is a platform designed exclusively to empower non-profit helplines like yours. You will be able to easily set up free text line and provide safe, secure, and confidential support via SMS. We provide you with a simple web interface so that you can manage these texts like emails, on your phone or a computer.

Whether you have many case-workers or just a couple, full time or at specific times of the day, the platform will help you manage your users' expectations.

Is Your Helpline Ready?
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