Social Media Marketing for small Business

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that important?

There are about 625.000.000 (source Netcraft) web sites on internet and most of them want to be listed in google and other search engines. Hundreds of millions of times a day, a searcher goes to Google and types a search for some specific terms.
Become part of Google first pages results is not an easy task and involves deply understanding how and why Google decide your website will be part of the luky ones.

SEO campaign

How we design a SEO campaign

We will help you to optimize the content to be reachable by the target that you nead. First, we have a meeting with you to define together what target you want to focus on, after that we will do a full research on internet using different tools to get a better understanting of the type of consumers that search similar sites with high-rank index at search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Developing traffic

Our extensive knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO) ensures the right visitors will find your website and products with ease. Our search engine optimization skills will move websites to the top of the results pages for product keywords and general search terms. We will use diferent approaches depending on the visitor target and the competitors rank. Some keywords are more difficult than others and we will create different strategies to achieve the best possible results.

Developing traffic
Measuring the results

Measuring the results

Once we go live with the website we monitor and track the traffic with different tools like Google Analitycs, Alexa, our own analytical tools and we create a report. This will help us decide the main key words and SEO strategies to improve the results. We have the online marketing and search engine optimization skills to make sure we take every step needed to bring customers to your website on a daily basis.