Our Community Projects

Supporting local communities

From the beginning open-ecommerce was set up as a social enterprise. Our projects are united by a common underlying idea, everything we do aims to empower people and help them realise their online aspirations.

We dedicate part of the income and resources from our digital agency, to create links with local and national organizations to develop community projects. On 2010 we concentrated our efforts with development projects in a long trip to South America. Now that we are located in the South London area, we been in touch with some charities and community groups in London.

Websites development shouth London

Website Development Courses in South London

We are developing a Web development course focused in small business. This involves training in Website development starting from the basics of setting up a website, to developing the skills to create and maintaining an online presence.

Known as “social-constructivist”, this teaching method is perfect for discussion forums, blogs, wiki and on-line collaborative activities. It is a collaborative approach that opens educational content creation to a wider group including the students themselves.

This project aims to help the local community to gain knowledge in Website development and use it for their advantage in the future.

The Helping Hand in Hard Times

We had worked with small businesses, charities and individuals who required help and support for the Websites. Our guidance was from how to set up their own websites, to maintain them. We also offered space in our Servers to Host their site free of charge.

Having a website is just the beginning, knowing that, we want to be close to you helping you way along. We provided training, technical help and support to them to improve their internet skills, marketing, advertising, SEO and much more.

Is part of our core values to keep dedicating time and resources to foster Websites and giving professional advice.

Helping Small Business
Web Video Promotions

Video Production for Web and Video Promotions

Video is becoming more and more important in the Web, and we found a great medium to promote individuals, business or causes. We are also producing Promotional Videos to get people spend more time on your site and more interaction with your ideas.

We are investing on equipment, lights and video gear to use it on video productions. Our videos range from interviews to fiction shorts and Web advertising. Day by day we are breaking new boundaries.

As we get more involved in Video we can offer accessible production cost to small business, community groups and individuals that are trying to reach new audiences.

Our Legacy in Latin America

We are committed to sharing our ideas with communities around the world. In 2009 we took our expertise and equipment and we visit many countries in Latin America, providing them website development skills.

We embarked on a trip from the North of Mexico to Ushuaia on the Southern tip of South America in Argentina. As we visited different villages and towns we gave courses, spoke at forums and ran workshops in over 20 different locations.

Our guidance was from ideas to start an online business to help them to develop in that direction, we meet a lot of people and we managed to create some websites on the road for some local communities and local business.

Latin America Projects