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1Bookmarks componentwindowsvba access 2013Consist in a simple form with a list box to add, delete and select bookmarks related to the different forms of the system.  Download
2Helper componentwindowsvba access 2013A very simple form with a web browser active x control in it and populated by an html word document.  Download
3IUD Cointainer componentwindowsvba access 2013

The main objective of this component is to reuse the generic functionality required in most of the forms.
The component is based in a form with a sub form control where the system forms are load.
There is also an horizontal menu below with a series of command buttons related with generic public functions such as Insert, Delete, Search, Bookmark among others.

4PDF Reporter componentwindowsvba access 2013More than a component this is an example of how to use the dynapdf.dll PDF converter Library.  Download
5Search Facility componentwindowsvba access 2013The search facility is consisting in a multiselection List box place into a form that returns one or several records of the field selected.

Can be customized the number of columns, multiselection, field titles. The form allows ordering and filtering by any of the fields.
The parameters are build into a module function where the form it is instantiated.

6 Master Duplication web/apache PHPOne single page interface Multiple application selection Compress folder into file Replace configuration files and add to single tar file Upload file with FTP to remote server Transfer remote mySql db into the production server Replace url on destination db.  Download



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