E-commerce website development

Now that you are serious about e-commerce

We provide you with one of the platform leaders in e-commerce: Magento. Since early 2009 we look at this robust e-commerce software as the true succesor of the popular Oscommerce. Since its beginnings, Magento has been adopted by over 180,000 online retailers ranging from smaller e-commerce websites to large multinational businesses. We are talking about a solid e-commerce website that allows companies or individuals to have total store control, access to real time sales reports, and flexibility to deal with many payment gateways and an a wide array of delivery options. We have the knowledge to completely customize the design of the shop.

serious about magento

E-commerce Websites for Selling Products or Services

We specialize in developing custom e-commerce websites that meet specific expectations. Developing robust e-commerce solutions that would target desktops, mobile and tablet devices. We provide expert designers and programmers that will work with you as we develop a site to maximize usability, functionality and design. Understanding the business domain enables us to create an online store that provides the features and options that will complement your organization's mission.

Safe Purchases and Sales Transactions

E-commerce operations usually involve payment by credit card (in the majority of cases), PayPal, check, and cash on delivery. We can provide the most popular e-commerce payment methods in the shopping carts through just about any online gateway, ensuring all purchases and sale orders through the shop contain maximum security and protection. And the systems would help you, after the transaction to calculate delivery rates and give you a total control of the payments deliverys and refunds.

safe purchases and sales transactions
website marketing and search engine optimization

Website Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Once you have an e-commerce solution in place, marketing the products or services online is as important as the website. Our extensive knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO) ensures visitors will find your website and products with ease. Our search engine optimization skills will move websites to the top of the results pages for product keywords and general search terms. We have the online marketing and search engine optimization skills to make sure we take every step needed to bring customers to your e-commerce websites on a daily basis.

We provide the foundations for a scalable architecture

We design your e-commerce site to accommodate any additional requirements, features and functionality needs that may arise. We use scalable open source products like Magento that would allow our customers to add new functionality as their business grows. Since we use open-source software you are free to change modify or get any other developer of the world to help you to adapt it to your needs. Generating reports and statistics to monitor performance and optimize your business, we deliver valuable tools to make it fast and easy for the business owners.

scalable architecture
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