IT Training Services

Sharing knowledge is one of our main goals

We deliver a range of specialist on-site and off-site training. Our training packages range from basic foundations in topics like e-commerce to the implementation and adaptation of Joomla, WordPress and Magento, just to name some of the leading open-source software solutions.

Our specialists will give you and your team the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to raise your awareness and use of modern, practical techniques and open-source technologies for delivering services.

Sharing Knowledge

E-commerce Foundations Training

Some attendees will have a basic awareness of online marketing practices and options, some may be working in start-ups and small business and organizations, and need to enhance their knowledge of Internet marketing strategy. We cover a diverse range of e-commerce subjects, and deliver a wide array of tools and techniques required to kick start your electronic business or improve and revamp the one that you already have.

E-commerce Software Implementation

Especially aimed at experienced business professionals, this is to help you leverage the rich functionality of open-source software and create a powerful and flexible e-commerce for your company. Whether you want to launch a small online store or implement a multi-store website you can learn to design and develop following technological standards and business processes required to ensure successful deployment of an e-commerce platform that deliver commercially desirable results.

E-commerce Implementation
E-commerce Training

E-commerce Bespoke Training

We can help with your requirements, and provide a bespoke and flexible solution to train your team into your existing system, or providing help to make an easy transition to a new end-to-end e-commerce platform for your product or service. Whether you want to host your solution in-house or take advantage of our facilities, we offer clients the opportunity of being able to source a complete package training adapted to your company needs.

E-commerce Workshops and Seminaries

In addition to the traditional classroom environment, open-ecommerce works with communities and development organisations in an effort to minimize the digital divide. We offer seminars, workshops and training that would help to leverage some small community expanding their markets and offerings. We believe that economic growth is possible through e-commerce.

Workshops Seminarios