Non-profit and Charities Digital Solutions

Helping your organisation to become fully digital

From the beginning Open E-commerce was set up as a social enterprise. Our projects are united by a common underlying idea: everything we do aims at empowering people and helping them realise their online aspirations.

The digital world offers plenty of opportunities to extend your reach and strengthen your relationship with your beneficiaries, your volunteers and your donors. We provide solutions that make that happen within your budget and following your priorities.

Digital Fundraising

Digital Fundraising

If you are looking to add fundraising functionality to your website, look no further: our vast e-commerce experience will guarantee that your supporters find the most user-friendly interface to make their donation easily and securely. We also offer space in our servers to host the fundraising module free of charge.

Events Calendar

Our extensive background on programming and databases throughout the years, gives us flexibility to create a simple module that integrates a calendar and a map to all your events. Your clients and supporters will be able to find you in Google, browse through your different events and access them from any kind of device.

Event calendars
Website Development

Charity Website Development

Have you just decided to go online? Or is your website old and in need of a fresh look? Our expertise in website development will help you achieve an optmised site, custom-made to serve your needs at an affordable price. With most of your supporters and users now accessing your content on their phones, we will make sure you provide an enjoyable mobile experience.

Track your services and assess your impact

Do you need a special technology or application to help you track your services and assess your impact as a charity? We have developed web, mobile and desktop applications that provided different charities with a custom system to track their activities and assess how far they've achieved their goals as an organisation. Start tracking your services today and make it easier to communicate your impact to your board or your donors.

Software Development for NGO
Social Media and Community Forums

Social Media and Community Forums

Have you got an active community, willing to participate and spread your message? We will provide you with the tools to understand who they are and what they like. If your area is health, we have produced fully integrated forums where patients share their experiences in a safe environment, accessible from their own homes.

Video Production for the web

Video is now an important part of the web, it is the fastest growing feature added to websites and is used for marketing, training, testimonials and a way to raise awarness and funds and donations. These are just some of the most common uses. We are a visual society and the younger generation has grown up with the video on the web and they expect to see you in your site.

Video Production for Charities