Web Video Production

Watch it and Believe it

Video is now an important part of the web, it is the fastest growing feature added to websites and is used for marketing, training, testimonials and a way to show product catalogues. These are just some of the most common uses. We are a visual society and the younger generation has grown up with the video on the web and they expect to see you in your site.

We talk with you to define what type of video you need and define the concept, from the story to the creative approach of your video. Our team is happy to work from an existing idea or develop a new one. After that we can move to the production of the video, with all the material we are ready to work our magic on the rest of the technical stuff, video and audio edition. When we have you approval we do the encoding and upload to the web.

Watching is believing

Sales and Promotional Video Production

Promotional video can really bring your product or company closer to the users and increase sales and brand awareness. You can show your unique selling points and give a ‘feel’ for your brand. We encourage you to use video to inform people about your product range (and for them to remember you) showing scenarios in which the product can be used. We can optimise your marketing video content for mobile and to promote search engine discovery.

Corporate and Event Video Production

Especially aimed at businesses or professionals, your corporate video production can be targeted for customers, partners, investors or employees. It could be footage of your buildings, board members or product lines, helping to improve the public perception of your organisation. Also as you organisation take part in events and exhibitions video is a way to publicize a recent event that not everyone could attend, or for inclusion in marketing literature for promotional use.

Event video production
Training Seminaries

Training and Seminars for Video Production

Training videos can be used to instruct your team and save time and resources. They can also be used to support users and as a smart marketing tool. Video is a cost-effective and permanent way to deliver training and support to your customers, or the customers of the competition (potential customers). Using video you also have the possibility to showcase the features of you product or service.

Testimonial Video Production

The front pages of websites are increasingly starting to become more like TV commercials. We only have some seconds to grab the attention of the users before it is too late. Testimonials are a way to promote our services from another perspective. The testimonial has to look real, and when it is done correctly, this is an extremely effective way to promote your message.

Testimonial Video
Some of the type video production we do