Website Development Workshop

Create your own website

Some attendees will have a basic awareness of online website practices and options, some may be working in start-ups and small business and organizations, and need to enhance their knowledge of WordPress.

We propose to cover a diverse range of WordPress subjects, and deliver a wide array of the tools and techniques required to kick start your Internet business or improve and revamp the one that you already have with our support.

Manage your own website workshop

Learn WordPress creating you own site

Beginner's course on how to create a unique website.

Learn and build a professional website from scratch in just four weeks or learn WordPress to manage your existing website

A dedicated teacher in small groups (capacity 8 persons)

We'll focus on the nitty-gritty of web design and you'll be building your own site in no time.

learn computer skills

By the end of the four week course you will have built your own website and become familiar with all the necessary tools to keep your site running.

You will learn a range of webmaster skills, including how to use Wordpress to set up, update and maintain your own site. You will also learn how to integrate social networks into your site as well as understanding the basics of SEO to promote it on the net.


save time and money

Knowing how to manage your own website will save you time and money as you won't need to hire a web designer each time you want to update your site. You can do it all yourself!

All our websites come with 3 months hosting included.

Prerequisites for the inscription

Please bring a laptop computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

You are welcome to bring images or logo design of your business in case you already have one

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