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About open ecommerce, Website Development

We are a group of independent developers, specialized in Open Source platforms as Magento, Joomla and Wordpress working from our studio in London.

Open e-commerce was set up as a cooperative. Our projects are united by a common underlying idea. Everything we do aims to empower people and go along them in the path to realize their projects.

Part of the income from our Agency work goes to create links with the community and develop community projects. So far we have engaged with projects in South America, and more recently European and UK-based projects. This is our philosophy. 


Promoting open source technology

We promote open source technology

Open Source technology is free, which means you don’t pay to use it in your private or commercial projects. Open Source belongs to the community of users. If an application becomes widespread in the community there will be more people using it and more people supporting each other. Because it is Open Source any developer can contribute to it and create new functionality. This makes the product become better and better every day.

experts implementing open source applications

We implement open source

We will not only find the best Open Source application for you, but we also give you the implementation, user training and support for your business need. The problem we found is the difficulty for the general users to implement the different Open Sources because they need to learn lots of geeky stuff to have a simple website. And this is where we come to help you. 


Keeping pace with technological changes

Today the great technological breakthrough urges us to be updated on a permanent basis.
In this sense has a significant capacity to be permanent updated, since the begining our developers worked close in technological associations with the open-source community participating in forums and meetings with the purpose of sharing of knowledge.

agile software development processes

We follow agile software development processes

The application and development of your project follow defined phases, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change.
We adhere to strict guidelines and the latest technologies to create unique applications. Our software developers work intelligently and methodically to integrate a wide knowledge of software and web technologies to create business applications that save you both effort and money.