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Mariano Marey Mariano Marey Director & Developer
Mariano Marey Director & Project Developer Is one of the Founders of were he works as a developer, and has been involved in IT since the days of the tiny 8-bits computers.
Eduardo German Silva Eduardo Silva Director & Developer
Eduardo Silva Director & Developer Ecommerce Developer, has being involve in Magento development for the past 15 years. When he is not coding he love's to tango & cooking
Manuela Rotstein Manuela Rotstein Digital Content & Marketing
Manuela Rotstein Digital Content & Marketing A dynamic digital leader, creating ground-breaking content that reaches wide audiences and develops new digital spaces
Ana Silva Ana Silva Sales USA
Ana Silva Client Relationship Manager in USA. Support, strategy, and project management. Ana has a background in digital marketing and corporate communication with a strong focus in delivering a superior brand and user experience.
Laura Beduz Photographer/Videographer
Laura Beduz Photographer/Videographer Photographer experienced in many areas of photography, including product, portraits and events. She has a flexible and creative approach and works with the clients to deliver the images they need with a fast turn around time.
Alex Rabino Alex Rabino Strategic partner USA
Alex Rabino Strategic partner USA Alex Rabino is a Business Designer and CEO of NetSpot USA. A seasoned businessman and entrepreneur, Alex has developed several businesses that focus on technology, user experience, innovation, marketing, and graphic design.
Lucia Caleta Lucia Caleta Product Research
Lucia Caleta Product Research Lucia is experienced at strategic planning and integration of social-media connected web services in order to extend the reach of our client's campaigns.
Madalina Miron Madalina Miron E-Learning Developer
Madalina Miron E-Learning Developer Passionate about education and psychology, with 10 years of experience in organising training face to face and online. An easy-going person, that likes to connect people.